From the Salzburg Festival: "La finta giardiniera" (The Pretend Garden-Girl) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, conducted by Ivor Bolton, directed by Doris Dörrie. The production of "La finta giardiniera" was placed in the hands of Doris Dörrie, a noted German filmmaker. Asked why she set the work in a garden center, Dörrie replied: "It's a market of emotions! The plants represent feelings, the garden is our little paradise. [...] We all have the same dream ..., which is why we buy so much equipment, chemicals, even weapons to keep our garden under control. It must be kept in its boundaries, for just as an uncontrolled garden can mutate into a wild jungle, so can uncontrolled emotions, proliferating like wild plants, become dangerous to us." The rousing musical underpinnings of this irreverent production are provided by the Mozarteum Orchestra under its principal conductor Ivor Bolton, who has made a name for himself as champion of authentic and spirited interpretations of Handel, Monteverdi, Gluck and, of course, Mozart. In this performance of "La finta giardiniera," Bolton makes it clear that the real dramatic development in this early work is to be found in Mozart's music.





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