From the Salzburg Festival (in coproduction with Venice's Teatro La Fenice): “Lucio Silla” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, conducted by Tomás Netopil, directed by Jürgen Flimm. With Roberto Saccà (Lucio Silla), Annick Massis (Giunia), Monica Bacelli (Cecilio), Veronica Cangemi (Lucio Cinna), Julia Kleiter (Celia), Stefano Ferrari (Aufidio) and Chorus & Orchestra of the Teatro La Fenice, Venice. "I see it as a kind of political thriller, the story of a plot against an inhuman regime. [...] 'Lucio Silla' is, in my opinion, one of the few truly political pieces by Mozart." Director Jürgen Flimm conceived his production accordingly, delivering a taut and often breathtakingly raw interpretation of the story of the dictator Lucio Silla. Although the action unfolds in ancient Rome, Flimm has transposed it to Mozart's day, when absolutistic monarchs still held sway over Europe.


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