On the last day of the Mozart Week, Rolando Villazón invited Dr. Ulrich Leisinger, Director of the Research Department of the International Mozarteum Foundation, to a discussion in the Wiener Saal of the Mozarteum.

Dr. Ulrich Leisinger has always been fascinated by Mozart: at the age of 14 he already knew all the numbers in the Köchel catalogue. In this conversation, the Mozart expert talks about interesting details from Mozart's biography, gives insights into reception research and, with Rolando Villazón, reviews the Mozartwoche 2019.

Leisinger tells an episode from Mozart's life and a bird singing Mozart, the question whether one should rather play Mozart with historical instruments and about the genesis of Thamos and how it became T.H.A.M.O.S. during the Mozartwoche 2019.





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Mozart Week 2019

The Mozartwoche takes place from 24.1. to 3.2. 2019 in Salzburg. On fidelio we celebrate Mozart in all his facets and cover the festival for you. Experience the 5 minute interview series "A da in the life of" with Barbara Rett and numerous concerts, interviews and panel discussions.