Schubert's Piano Trio in E-flat major swept over the "musical hustle and bustle" of its time like an "angry celestial apparition": this is how Robert Schumann described it and how he heard "deep anger and exuberant longing" from the Viennese composer's powerful trio. Markus Schirmer confronts this superlative of trio art together with two fantastic string players: Esther Hoppe and Christian Poltéra. Together they bring out the dreamlike in Schubert's trio sound, the night moods of the famous Andante, which already inspired film director Stanley Kubrik. In delicate piano pieces, Schirmer puts the audience in the right mood for the great trio: in Schubert's "Hungarian melody" and Schumann's world-famous "Träumerei".


Franz Schubert: “Hungarian Melody” D 817
Robert Schumann: Kind im Einschlummern / Dreaming (from “Scenes From Childhood”, op. 15)
Franz Schubert: Trio in E flat major, D 929





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