Wolfgang Wagner's Bayreuth Festival production of "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg”. A boisterous, colorful interpretation, this "Meistersinger" follows the original stage instructions and respects the historical framework of the piece. Beneath a stylized globe symbolizing the universal validity of the artist's search for his role in society, the action unfolds in an intricately choreographed interplay of solo scenes and ensembles. Daniel Barenboim's musical direction was unanimously acclaimed by the press. Le Monde, for example, wrote that he "fully possesses its spirit: poetic, fluid, very slender, his instrumental discourse is irresistible". Among the vocal soloists, Peter Seiffert (as Walther von Stolzing) and Robert Holl (as Hans Sachs) have been consistently singled out for their superb interpretations in the past years. Emily Magee confers a subtle, youthful grace upon the coveted young daughter of the goldsmith Veit Pogner, sung by Matthias Hölle. The cast also includes Endrik Wottrich as David, Birgitta Svendén as Magdalene, Andreas Schmidt as Beckmesser, Bernhard Schneider, Roman Trekel, Hans-Joachim Ketelsen, Torsten Kerl, Peter Maus, Helmut Pampuch, Sándor Sólyom-Nagy, Alfred Reiter, Jyrki Korhonen as the Mastersingers and Kwangchul Youn as the night watchman. Prepared by Norbert Balatsch, the chorus of the Bayreuth Festival once again masters the exceptionally demanding choral part of this opera, which reaches a climax of intricacy at the end of the second act and culminates in the grand finale of Act III.





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