FIDELIO is a fairy tale - told from Beethoven's irrepressible longing to bring 'brotherhood' into the present.
Leonore has come to know love, she loves Florestan. With the strength of this love, she must face all adversity. Her husband has been robbed of his freedom.
Into a barred world, where even the trees are barred, a woman comes to fight for love. And whoever comes into contact with her, his heart begins to awaken anew. The heroine has to go in and down into the deepest darkness, has to go through the greatest fear into the abyss, where nothing is possible anymore, where no leaf fits between life and death. Until the irrepressible power of fear almost crushes her. Leonore courageously places herself between death and her husband until she overcomes her fear. Only then are freedom, love and light.

"A great fairy tale [...] against the drying up of all hope - our reason for living.
The down-to-earth story with very simple characters makes Beethoven's music not only beautiful, powerful and stirring, but it tears the actors into a multi-layeredness and the action into a demand on our future."
Thomas Reichert (Director)




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