A particularly mellow, burnished glow radiates from Brahms's F major Symphony. The work was written chiefly in Wiesbaden, where Brahms spent the summer of 1883. He had just turned fifty - and had possibly fallen in love with the much younger singer Hermine Spiess, who happened to live in...Wiesbaden. Like most of his symphonies, the Third is also permeated by a melodic motto. This one consists of three notes which not only open the symphony but are frequently woven into its texture and return with dramatic emphasis at crucial moments in the later movements. The unexpectedly quiet close of the Third sets it off against the previous two symphonies and calms the electrifying tension of all four movements before reaching a tension-releasing "transfiguration" (Clara Schumann)
This concert with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was recorded at the Large Concert Hall in Jerusalem in 1973.


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