Alice is sitting by the brook with her sister and is bored. Then she sees a white rabbit running past. Deciding quickly, Alice follows the rabbit and falls into a deep hole. After a long fall, Alice finds herself in a corridor with many doors. All are locked except for one very small one, for which Alice finds a key and behind which she can look into a beautiful garden. Alice is too big for the tiny door! A drinking bottle remedies the situation: Alice shrinks. Now the key to the door is out of reach high on the table. Then she discovers a cake that causes her to grow again. Unfortunately, this time Alice becomes too big for the door. When the white rabbit passes by again, he drops a fan, frightened by the giant Alice. When Alice tries to fan herself with the fan, she shrinks again, but now becomes so small that she threatens to drown in her own tears. Together with a mouse she reaches a saving shore. A dodo joins them, all of them try to dry by a dry talk and a race. After that, Alice goes in search of the rabbit. She encounters its house, where another drink causes her to grow so much again that she threatens to blow up the house. Only when the rabbit leaves her his breakfast bread does she shrink again and can continue on her way. From a caterpillar, Alice now finally hopes for advice on how to regain her correct size. But also their suggestion to try a piece of the mushroom fails, because now Alice grows a very long neck. Finally, however, Alice shrinks again and arrives at a country house. The owner, a duchess, is sitting in the kitchen cradling a screaming child. Alice rescues it from the duchess' cook and takes the child with her, but it unexpectedly turns into a piglet. Alice discovers the Duchess's incessantly grinning cat, who advises her to visit the March Hare. The latter hosts a crazy tea party where nothing but nonsense is discussed. Alice escapes through a door in a tree and finally reaches the beautiful garden.

In the garden, gardeners are busy painting a white rose bush red, otherwise the Queen of Hearts intends to decapitate it. When the Queen appears with the King of Hearts, she invites Alice to play croquet together. The King of Hearts feels inconvenienced by the cat and wants to have it beheaded, but the executioner cannot find a body from which he can separate the head.
could. The Duchess, who owns the cat, has no advice either, but plenty of other advice to offer Alice, until the Queen of Hearts sends her away and recommends Alice to let the False Soup Turtle tell her life story. A griffin leads Alice to her. The False Soup Turtle and the Gryphon dance the Lobster Dance, and the Turtle recites the sad song of the Turtle Soup. Alice and the Griffin are called to the upcoming trial: the Jack of Hearts is accused of stealing the Queen's tarts. Several witnesses are called, including Alice, who knows nothing of the crime, but instead begins to grow again. When the Queen of Hearts wants to have her beheaded because of this, Alice exclaims, "You're just a deck of cards made of cardboard!" - Everything goes haywire, and suddenly Alice finds herself next to her sister by the brook. What a strange dream she has had!