Alfredo Bernardini presents the audience the full sound splendour of the Baroque in the third Fux opera excavation of the styriarte. Trumpets, oboes, bassoons, chalumeau and strings celebrate the night at their grand performance in the Helmut List Halle. "The Gifts of the Night" is the title of the birthday opera for Empress Amalie Wilhelmine from 1709, for which Johann Joseph Fux, the Styrian Baroque genius, has written enchanting music that brings the magic of a Baroque summer night to Graz today. Fantastic baroque voices shine in the most beautiful arias of the work, while the styriarte Festival Orchestra spreads nocturnal atmospheric images. Intermezzi in the concertante performance of the opera scenes are Vivaldi's Night Concerto for flute and bassoon and a particularly pictorial orchestral work by Fux: "The sweets and bitters of the night".





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