Is not dreaming more beautiful than reality? Of course, after all, we only meet dream princes in our imagination and not at the "Greißler" round the corner. Life may be so small and narrow there: If you just close your eyes and let your mind wander, you're already in another world. That doesn't cost much and anyone and everyone can do it - especially when it gets dark again and you are lying in your bed lonely and full of longing. And if you don't even know what you could wish for, then a Schlager quickly helps us out of our misery. Because here we can find everything we need in three minutes. The Schlager takes us away to a moonlit night in Capri, it conjures the most beautiful senorita or the most passionate sailor at our side and gives us hot kisses. In addition, the pleasure is in any case without regret, because you neither have to go on an expensive journey nor take the risks of real togetherness. Eddie Luis and "Die Gnadenlosen" provide the best antidote to social distancing: the power of the Schlager.





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