Barbara Rett met Valery Gergiev for an in-depth exclusive interview in which the conductor talks about his work with the Vienna Philharmonic, among other things. "When you play with the Vienna Philharmonic, you never think of your own presence! You feel a natural connection with the artistic desire, the craftsmanship, the immense talent of these artists - and their tradition! An orchestra that sounds like no other in the world! Also an orchestra that works and rehearses with incredible seriousness. An orchestra with which you can rehearse even longer if necessary - unforgettable for me!"

"There are many young musicians in the orchestra now. Maybe it inspires them? Perhaps - very carefully put - it even helps them. I say this cautiously because I never want to sound like the master of the orchestra - we simply share the love of music! I am one of the lucky conductors who get to spend a lot of time with the Vienna Philharmonic ... .“




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Valery Gergiev