Joachim Schlömer im Ö1-Interview:
Er inszeniert und choreographiert die Mozart-Trilogie „Irrfahrten“ bei den Salzburger Festspielen (ab 1/8/06)


  • A group of cobras, vipers or other serpents is called a "quiver". A pouch for arrows is also called a quiver. A leaf can quiver in the wind, but a quiver can´t leaf.

  • If you could put every single cord for an electrical appliance you have at your home side by side, then you would have a lot of free time in your hands that you could have spent working instead.

  • The proper word is "bird". Didn´t you know about the bird? Well, I am gonna tell you about the bird. Bird is the word. Surfin´Bird.

  • Ducks have a road of teeth lining the inner side of their beaks.

  • Almost all songs on Andrew Lloyd Weber´s "Cats" are based on poems from T.S. Elliot´s "Possum´s Book of Practical Cats". Except for "Memory" which is mostly based off "Rhapsody on a Windy Night" from the same author.

  • T.S. Elliot actually had two cats, named Cuscuscaraway and Mizra Murad Ali Beg.




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