Since its premiere on Broadway in 1983, Jerry Herrman's musical "La Cage aux Folles," which won six Tony Awards, has been the epitome of tolerance and acceptance and is one of the most popular musicals worldwide. The "coming out" of drag queen Zaza also caused an earth-shaking theatrical triumph at the Vienna Volksoper in January 1991. The 187 performances of the production, which ran until 2007, were all stormed. Now Melissa King, who has so far emerged as a choreographer at the Volksoper, is restaging the frivolous goings-on in the "Cage Full of Fools". Under her direction, Drew Sarich as Albin, or rather as his dazzling alter ego Zaza - in his own words - embarks on the "search for his flamingo". He is joined by Viktor Gernot as Albins' partner Georges, who runs the titular nightclub in Saint-Tropez. Together, the two are an enchanting pair of lovers whose already turbulent everyday life is properly shaken up: Georges' son from a previous "misstep" opens up to his father that he wants to marry the daughter of an arch-conservative provincial politician. His plan to present a "respectable" family to the future in-laws (portrayed by the outgoing Volkopern director Robert Meyer and Sigrid Hauser) inevitably leads to entertaining misunderstandings and comic entanglements, but ultimately to a happy ending. The documentary shows the path of the new production from conception to the stage, accompanies the leading team and the ensemble during rehearsals and provides insights into the transformation of the Volksoper stage into the legendary nightclub "Cage aux Folles".+


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