From the Salzburg Festival: "La clemenza di Tito" (The Clemency of Titus) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). Conductor: Nikolaus Harnoncourt - Stage director: Martin Kusej. With Michael Schade (Tito Vespasiano), Dorothea Röschmann (Vitellia), Barbara Bonney (Servilia), Vesselina Kasarova (Sesto), Elina Garanca (Annio), Luca Pisaroni (Publio). Mozart was still working on "The Magic Flute" when he was commissioned to write a festive opera for the coronation of Leopold II in Prague as King of Bohemia on 6 September 1791. - Emperor Titus plans to marry Berenice, thus arousing the rage of Vitellia. She urges Sesto, who loves her, to lead a revolt against Titus. After further complications, Titus resolves to marry Vitellia. Vitellia tries to stop Sesto, but in vain: he has burned down the Capitol and tried to kill his best friend Titus. The Emperor escapes, but in the end, Tito is about to show mercy.





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The Salzburg Festival project M22 from 2006, in which all 22 operas by Mozart were staged, was regarded as superlative in many aspects. Under the direction of Festival Director Peter Ruzicka, 14 venues, 150 soloists - including the greatest stars of the present day - and 24 orchestras were performing. The stage works were received with enormous public and media intere...
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