Confusions, erotic entanglements, deceptions and comedic exaggerations will soon be in high season again in the repertoire of the Vienna State Opera. After "Don Giovanni", "Le nozze di Figaro" will be staged there as a new production by Barrie Kosky and under the musical direction of Philippe Jordan with a promising cast of singers.

When Wolfgang A. Mozart published the controversial play by Beaumarchais as an opera at the Vienna Court Theater in 1786, critics loyal to the emperor conjured up a scandal. However, the librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte succeeded in consistently removing the allusions to a corrupt and infantile aristocracy from the original, without completely eliminating the aggressive irony, thus creating the first socially critical, enlightened work in the history of opera.

Mozart hid the political explosives in his music: for example, it is the servant of simple origin who appropriates the courtly minuet for his fight against the count. It is the women who drive the confusions and the men who single-mindedly fall into the traps and endanger all present with their wounded vanity. A valid order can only be re-established in the finale. But the image of the individual remains damaged.

In the new production by Barrie Kosky, a young ensemble of singers convinces its audience, including Andrè Schuen as Count Almaviva, Hanna-Elisabeth Müller as Countess Almaviva, Peter Kellner as Figaro, Ying Fang as Susanna and Patricia Nolz as Cherubino.


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