The new episode of the series "Places of Childhood" accompanies Angelika Kirchschlager on a journey to her hometown Salzburg. It was not only the musical tradition of the festival and the educational opportunities for the later singer that determined her life here. Among the "important themes" of her childhood and youth were a moped gang, the famous Mozartkugeln and the fashion of the 1970s. This thirty-minute portrait shows why the child Angelika always wanted to be the princess, why she never had to fight with her sister and how an "enlightenment" in the school bus decided her path in life. It tells a story full of poetry, warmth and laughter, in which Angelika Kirchschlager can be completely re-discovered. Together with Peter Schneeberger, she looks at the family's Super-8 films half amused, half thoughtful: Sand shovel, swing, skis and school bag were the adventures of that time and at the same time a symbol for a carefree childhood in family protection.


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