Places of childhood"" shape people, form their personality. The smells, feelings and stories give rise to what we later call home. In the new series, Peter Schneeberger travels with artists - back to their roots. Stories, pictures and conversations tell about the artists' childhood in a very personal way.
In the first episode, tenor Piotr Beczala allows this private look into his past. In his refuge in southern Poland, the world star sings Boy Scout songs with Peter Schneeberger at the campfire. He tells why he hated his father's vegetable garden and how the thing with the carp in the rowing boat changed his life. A wonderfully cordial summer journey. Piotr Beczala calls himself a happy tenor. He is regarded in the opera world as a rising star, one of the best tenors in the world. His career surprised him. He began quite modestly - among other things as a street singer in Vienna.


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