John Neumeier's ballet "Wendung" is based on Franz Schubert's String Quintet in C major Op. 163, D 956. Through the loftiness of its conception, the spiritual quality of its melodies, and the masterfulness of its technique, the quintet touches listeners in a very special and personal way. The work opens very simply before taking the listener on an exciting musical journey. In the Adagio, the principal subject combines sublime lyricism with dolorous Weltschmerz. The Scherzo sweeps in like a fresh breath of country air dispelling the morose mood of the Adagio. But the mood alters from exultancy to hopelessness and despair as Schubert changes all the musical elements in the trio. The finale is a stirring tribute to the indomitability of the human spirit: after two movements of soul-searching and torment, Schubert emerges hopeful and optimistic. The work was composed in August and September 1828, and completed only a few weeks before the composer's death on 19 November.




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