At this year's Mörbisch Lake Festival, the "Zigeunerbaron" (Gypsy Baron) will be presented, which, due to its content alone, fits perfectly into the ambience of the surrounding Burgenland landscape. "Der Zigeunerbaron" is one of the greatest stage works by Johann Strauss. He combines the lively waltz melodies of the golden Viennese operetta era with the fiery Csárdás sounds of Hungarian folk music. Johann Strauss would also have liked to have experienced his work, conceived as a "comic opera", on an opera stage. It was not until years after his death that the "Zigeunerbaron" was performed in 1910 at the Semper Opera in Dresden and at the Wiener Staatsoper, then still known as the "Hofoperntheater". Songs such as "Ja, das Schreiben und das Lesen" and "Borstenvieh und Schweinespeck" have long since become independent of the overall composition - with lively bars like these, Strauß was able to ridicule an outdated social hierarchy that made it more difficult for "upstarts" from the lower social strata to pass the censorship by.





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Der Zigeunerbaron