Die Fledermaus is one of the most famous operettas by Johann Strauss. It was premiered at the Theater an der Wien in 1874 and is regarded as the high point of the Golden Viennese Operetta Era.

Vienna, 19th century. Gabriel von Eisenstein is sentenced to several days in prison for insulting an official. When he says goodbye to his wife Rosalinde, his friend Dr. Falke appears. Falke suggests to him that he should go to prison later and first accompany him to a party in Prince Orlofsky's palace. Eisenstein is thrilled. He doesn't know that Falke only lures him to the party to take revenge on him. This is because during carnival Eisenstein had made a fool of the falcon, in disguising him as a bat. Other guests and chess pieces in Falke's plan are Adele, Eisenstein's maid, prison director Frank and last but not least Rosalinde. Masked as a Hungarian countess, she turns her unsuspecting husband's head. However, Alfred, an admirer of Rosalinde who was arrested by mistake instead of Eisenstein, causes additional confusion. But the next morning everything dissolves in favor - the party company appears in prison and reveals the true culprit - the champagne!





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