Fiery evenings are again to be expected at the Mörbischer Festspiele in summer, when the colourful hustle and bustle of the carnival enters with "Eine Nacht in Venedig". The "comic operetta" by Johann Strauss will be staged by the artistic director of the Seefestspiele, Robert Herzl. Uwe Theimer is responsible for the musical direction.
The plot of the three-act operetta, first performed in 1883, revolves around the Duke of Urbino, a well-known womanizer, and his personal barber Caramello, who assists him in all amorous matters. But the women - including Caramello's bride Annina - also pursue her interests. And just as in the "Fledermaus" at the end the blame for the confusion is ascribed to champagne, so in Venice the carnival has to take place: "All masked, all masked, where fun, where madness and lust rule!"





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