A night in a Venetian palazzo with everything that goes with it: flute sounds alla Vivaldi, the shimmering sound of a prima donna and the daring positions of Giacomo Casanova. What was originally conceived as a concert in the Palais Attems was quickly moved to the Helmut List Halle, and the Palais Attems Hofkapelle moved with it. On the stage there are three rooms: on the left Michael Hell and his baroque musicians, who play furious Vivaldi; on the right the soprano Tetiana Miyus, who with Eva Maria Pollerus performs ravishing arias from the repertoire of Adriana Ferrarese. In the middle, Chris Pichler as Casanova, explaining how all this is connected, while preparing for his famous night of love with M. M.


Concerto da camera:
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in a, RV 108 / Concerto in g, RV 104, „La Notte“ / Sonata in d, RV 63, „La Follia“

Belcanto veneziano:
Pasquale Anfossi: Se mi lasci, o mia speranza
Angelo Tarchi: A sol bramo, o mia speranza
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Un moto di gioia (from „Le nozze di Figaro“)
Antonio Salieri: O dann will ich einsam (from „La Cifra“)





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