From the Teatro Regio di Parma: "I due Foscari" by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901). Conductor: Donato Renzetti - Stage director: Joseph Franconi Lee. With Leo Nucci (Francesco Foscari), Roberto De Biasio (Jacopo Foscari), Tatiana Serjan (Lucrezia Contarini), Roberto Tagliavini (Jacopo Loredano), Gregory Bonfatti (Barbarigo). Based on a drama by Lord Byron whose work inspired many opera composers in the 19th Century: Jacopo, son of the Doge Francesco Foscari, is wrongly accused of murder by enemies. The state intrigues lead to Jacopo's exile and finally to the death of the Doge and his son. Verdi described the interpersonal conflicts with an enchantingly beautiful and impressive music.





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