From the Teatro Regio di Parma: "Un giorno di regno" (King for a Day) by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901). Conductor: Donato Renzetti - Stage director: Pier Luigi Pizzi. With Guido Loconsolo (Cavaliere di Belfiore), Andrea Porta (Barone di Kelbar), Anna Caterina Antonacci (Marchesa del Poggio), Alessandra Marianelli (Giulietta di Kelbar), Ivan Magrì (Edoardo di Sanval). A comedy in the style of Italian opera buffa, with many amorous entanglements against a historical backdrop: King Stanislaus of Poland is to participate as best man at a wedding in France, but for political reasons he has to travel back to Poland secretly. His friend Belfiore is to appear as King Stanislaus. Belfiore must see that the wedding of his beloved with a different admirer is prepared, but finally he may make himself known - Happy End with a double wedding.





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