From the Bayreuth Festival: "Parsifal" by Richard Wagner (1813-1883). Conductor: Horst Stein - Stage director: Wolfgang Wagner. With Siegfried Jerusalem (Parsifal), Hans Sotin (Gurnemanz), Bernd Weikl (Amfortas), Eva Randova (Kundry), Leif Roar (Klingsor) and Matti Salminen (Titurel). In "Parsifal" Wagner set out once again at the end of his life to probe the depths of his personal cosmos. The great themes of the earlier works return: the intoxication of the senses versus abnegation, the entanglement in guilt versus redemption. Parsifal realizes his destiny when he encounters the moribund knightly community and, above all, the enigmatic Kundry. Through his music, Richard Wagner devises a play with Christian symbols in which his interest in Buddhism also comes to the fore, and transforms it into an artistic-religious ritual.





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