From the Bayreuth Festival: "Tannhäuser" by Richard Wagner, conducted by Colin Davis, directed by Götz Friedrich, choreography by John Neumeier. With Spas Wenkoff (Tannhäuser), Gwyneth Jones (Elisabeth/Venus), Franz Mazura (Biterolf), Bernd Weikl (Wolfram von Eschenbach), Robert Schunk (Walter von der Vogelweide), Hans Sotin (Landgraf Hermann) and Chorus & Orchestra of the Bayreuth Festival. This is the first complete television production recorded at the annual Wagner Festival in Bayreuth. Director Götz Friedrich sees the minstrel Tannhäuser as a rugged artistic individualist, much as Wagner was himself, misunderstood by his contemporaries who seek to throttle his inalienable right of expression. He turns his back on a regulated, stifling society and retreats into the world of his own impossible dreams.





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