From the Bayreuth Festival: "Tristan und Isolde" by Richard Wagner (1813-1883). Conductor: Daniel Barenboim - Stage director: Jean-Pierre Ponnelle. With René Kollo (Tristan), Johanna Meier (Isolde), Matti Salminen (King Marke), Hanna Schwarz (Brangäne), Hermann Becht (Kurwenal), Robert Schunk (Melot). In his one and only production for the Bayreuth Festival Jean-Pierre Ponnelle refused to follow the fashionable trend of seeking to update a work at all costs. His interest lay chiefly in the psychological treatment of the action, whereby the sublimated love of Tristan and Isolde becomes a nocturne of emotional and psychological depth. This was underscored by the "wondrous gold of the score" that "flowed from the orchestra pit in a luminous symphonic flow" (Süddeutsche Zeitung).





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