Operetta in three acts with prologue

A disguised freedom fighter, his uncle with a questionable bluebeard complex, who already celebrated his sixth wedding with a younger woman plans to meet a highly creative, strong-willed neighbor, also known and feared as a "wildcat", and a celebratory society in this witty, cheeky operetta of the trials and tribulations of Joseph Beer to celebrate the wedding of the year, perhaps of the century: The silver is cleaned, the wardrobe dusted, the celebration of vanities and delicacies can begin! Joseph Beer's music moves between operetta and musical, between jazz, klezmer and waltz - highest drama paired with touching sentimentality, when it says: "Heart to heart, hand in hand, the world becomes fairyland". The acclaimed premiere took place in Zurich in 1937, from where the operetta began its triumphal march over some forty stages. The meteoric rise of the compositional prodigy came to an end when Austria joined Nazi Germany in 1938 and Beer had to flee to France. The planned Austrian premiere with Richard Tauber in Vienna was prevented by the National Socialists, and Joseph Beer fell into oblivion. In a production by Sebastian Ritschel, this firework of operetta will make the Graz opera stage sparkle.


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