Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 with the Chorus of the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Leonard Bernstein. The soloists are Gwyneth Jones (soprano), Hanna Schwarz (mezzo-soprano), René Kollo (tenor), Kurt Moll (bass). Completed in 1824, after six years of work, the Ninth is the most awesome and inspiring of Beethoven's symphonies, employing a large orchestra, four vocal soloists and chorus. The final movement is considered by many to be the composer's crowning glory. It had been Beethoven's lifelong dream to set Schiller's "Ode to Joy" to music, for the poem put into words Beethoven's most impassioned desire: peace and brotherhood in the world. The Ninth is an affirmation of optimism and beauty, written when Beethoven was almost completely deaf. This work is part of Leonard Bernstein's complete cycle of Beethoven symphonies recorded with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra live in Vienna. Bernstein's impassioned renderings of Beethoven - so transparent and contemporary in their message - move audiences in a unique way. "Beethoven has always meant universality to me, ever since my early adolescence, when I first heard that unforgettable cry of 'Brüder!'. From that moment on, every... symphony came to mean heart-to-heart communication, travelling satellite-fashion via the cosmos itself. I offer [this cycle] to all music-loving ears as a testament of faith and of my most profound reactions to this greatest of all composers." (Leonard Bernstein, 1980)


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