Under the direction of Christian Thielemann, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plays for the very first time in the famous Sagrada Família in Barcelona. The 4th Symphony by Anton Bruckner and a premiere performance by Samy Moussa can be heard. The Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí's architectural masterpiece, is much more than just an incomparable setting here - the basilica becomes a protagonist of the concert with its magnificent facades, the architecture that has been thought through down to the smallest detail and the fascinating play of light in the church interior. Anton Bruckner himself gave his 4th Symphony the nickname "The Romantic" and revised it several times. "In the Romantic 4th Symphony, the 1st movement refers to the horn calling out the day from the town hall! Then life develops," Bruckner wrote to the poet Paul Heyse, in order to indicate as content for the scherzo "hunting and in the trio, as during the midday meal in the forest, an organ grinder". How misleading and ultimately meaningless these remarks are, however, is already shown by Bruckner's admission that in the finale he himself no longer knew what he had in mind. For Bruckner had nothing in common with the program music of Franz Liszt, for example. He did not compose any extra-musical content in his "Romantic," but rather brought to life a general mysticism of nature on the basis of his unshakable Catholic faith. Bruckner's "Fourth" will be preceded by a contemporary work commissioned by the Vienna Philharmonic for this special occasion: "Elysium," composed by the Canadian Samy Moussa.


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