This year, the Festival of Joy will once again take place in person at the Vienna Heldenplatz. Contemporary witness Erika Freeman has agreed to be a speaker at the Festival of Joy. Federal president Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen will speak as the highest representative of the Republic of Austria. In 2022, the Festival of Joy will focus on "Political Resistance" as its annual theme. Moreover, 2022 will see an international music programme by The Vienna Symphony Orchestra lead by Lahav Shani and Konstantin Wecker. Katharina Stemberger will be the moderator.

At the Festival of Joy, over the past nine years, more than 128.000 visitors and online participants from all over the world have taken a strong stand for the establishment of a dignified commemoration on 8 May as the day of liberation. Austria takes a clear official stance: 8 May is a day of joy about the end of the NS rule in Europe and is dedicated to the commemoration of the victims of the Nazis’ persecution and extermination politics.

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