Klezmer is nothing less than the celebration of life. This was already the case in its origins in the Schtetl, the villages in Eastern Europe where many Jews lived. Oppressed and threatened for centuries, but also self-confident and strong, a folk music of a very special character developed in this community. And when the Schtetl was wiped out by the pogroms and the horrors of the Nazi regime, not only some people but also their music were able to escape into the Diaspora. From the night of persecution, klezmer music flourished anew in the seventies of the 20th century. Its vital message, the irrepressible joy, coupled with melancholy and sadness, captivated a new, young audience. One of the most important ambassadors of this music was then and still is Giora Feidman, who will virtually join this concert from Israel. He has inspired generations of musicians, and one of them is from Styria and is at the beginning of a very great career: Moritz Weiß gathers in his trio musicians in a class of their own who follow in the footsteps of Giora Feidman and fertilize klezmer with fresh ideas.


Itamar’s Freilach, Sher, Ontario I & II, Maxi’s Hora, Der Fleischwolf, Oyfn Pripetshik, Devil’s Food Cake ...





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