The ORF-III-Kultur-Magazin reports with a special broadcast from St. Margarethen about the opera in the quarry.
Ani Gülgün-Mayr reports on the premiere of the "Zauberflöte" from one of the most impressive open-air theatres in Europe. She invites the directing duo Cornelius Obonya and Carolin Pienkos, the Papageno actor Max Simonischek, the two Papagena actresses Theresa Dax and Martina Fender and the artistic director Daniel Serafin to talk to her.

The stage measures 7,000 square metres. The impressive stage setting is 20 metres high. Rain and wind are a constant problem for the workers during the construction work. Nevertheless, the stage design is ready in time for the rehearsal...




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From the opera in the quarry St. Margarethen to Eisenstadt