Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 in C minor (Resurrection) with Sheila Armstrong (soprano), Janet Baker (mezzo-soprano), the Edinburgh Festival Chorus and the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leonard Bernstein. This recording was filmed at Ely Cathedral, England. Leonard Bernstein was the first conductor ever to record all of Mahler's symphonies not only on disk, but also on video. The leading Mahler interpreter of the time, Bernstein recorded all of Mahler's symphonies between 1971 and 1985, producing a unique musical document and triggering a major reappreciation of Mahler's works. "All Mahler symphonies, all Mahler works for that matter, deal in extremes, extremes of dynamic, of tempo, of emotional meaning. When it is bare, it's extremely bare, when it is thick and rich, it's thicker and richer than anything in 'Götterdämmerung', and when it is suffering it suffers to a point that no music has ever suffered before." (Leonard Bernstein)





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