It sounds "from the New World" when the Taiwanese-American conductor Mei-Ann Chen stands at the podium of the Tonkünstler Orchestra. With his Ninth Symphony, Antonín Dvořák achieved what is called a great success: an orchestral work of the highest perfection, beloved by the public since its premiere in 1893. The Largo, with its plaintive cor anglais solo, is one of the most poignant slow symphony movements in the Romantic repertoire. Samuel Barber was also a master of indulgent melodicism. Tobias Feldmann made his first guest appearance at the Tonkünstler with the enchanting violin concerto, which is associated with the tonal language of the late Romantic period.




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Commentated concerts with Albert Hosp and the Tonkünstler Orchestra Niederösterreich from the Festspielhaus St. Pölten.