From the Salzburg Festival: "Odysseys III: King Tremendous (The Goose of Cairo/The Deluded Bridegroom) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, conducted by Michael Hofstetter, directed and choreographed by Joachim Schlömer. With Josef Wagner (Bocconio/Chichibio), Marisa Martins (Eugenia/Lavina), Jeremy Ovenden (Don Asdrubale/Biondello), Matthias Klink (Pulcherio/Calandrino), Silvia Moi (Bettina/Auretta), Miljenko Turk (Don Pippo), Malin Hartelius (Celidora), Ann Murray (Beautiful Voice of Afar), Marianne Hamre (Master of Ceremony) and the Camerata Salzburg. The Irrfahrten (Odysseys) trilogy comprises three independent, self-contained performances that are motivically interwoven into a compelling whole through a great variety of references. Various artistic genres - music, theater, dance and video - are fused into an original form of music theater that could very well point to the future. The third Odyssey, "Rex tremendus" presents a thought-provoking combination of two opera buffa fragments, "Lo sposo deluso" and "L'oca del Cairo," along with various unfinished pieces and fragments from Mozart's last work, the Requiem. It represents the artist's ultimate liberation from the restrictions and conventions of society, his farewell from the world, in total darkness.


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The Salzburg Festival project M22 from 2006, in which all 22 operas by Mozart were staged, was regarded as superlative in many aspects. Under the direction of Festival Director Peter Ruzicka, 14 venues, 150 soloists - including the greatest stars of the present day - and 24 orchestras were performing. The stage works were received with enormous public and media intere...
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