From the Salzburg Festival: "The Obligation of the First and Foremost Commandment" (Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, conducted by Josef Wallnig, directed by John Dew. With Michiko Watanabe (Devine Justice), Bernhard Berchtold (Spirit of Christianity), Cordula Schuster (Devine Mercy), Peter Sonn (A Christian), Christiane Karg (Worldliness), Norbert Steidl (Opferpriester) and the Orchestra of the Universität Mozarteum. Mozart was eleven years old when he wrote "Apollo et Hyacinthus" K. 38 and "Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots" (The Obligation of the First and Foremost Commandment) K. 35 in 1767. Their brevity and contemporaneity made it seem fitting to entrust them to one director for their stage interpretations within the Mozart22 project. John Dew, known and admired for his rediscoveries of long-neglected works and his highly imaginative productions, has created a semi-ironic framework that ideally suits the two little pieces. They are given a graceful musical accompaniment by the Symphony Orchestra of the Mozarteum University.


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