The "master of the story-telling concert" Stefan Mickisch is one of the most distinguished and extraordinary German pianists. His ability not only to play music of all styles from Bach to the modern, but also to explain its structures and mechanisms of action with clarity, knowledgeable competence, professional mastery, humour and a universal view, made him the market leader of a new concert form. His moderated piano recitals enjoy cult status.
Stefan Mickisch is regularly invited by the most renowned concert venues and opera houses to experience the Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival with Richard Wagner's Tannhäuser and Parsifal on two days before returning to the Bayreuth Festival.

Richard Wagner: "Tannhäuser" with Stefan Mickisch





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Richard Wagner

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Live from Lockenhaus

„Lockerer und innerlich wie äußerlich aufgeheiterter hat man ein so individualistisches Künstlervölkchen selten einmal erlebt. Showgebärden sind in Lockenhaus allemal verpönt“, war im Gründungsjahr 1981 in Die ZEIT über das Kammermusikfest Lockenhaus zu lesen. Vor bald 40 Jahren versammelte Gidon Kremer eine illustre Gruppe von weltweit gefeierten Musikerfreunden...
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The Festival Summer 2019

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Wagner concertante

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175 Years Tannhäuser

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Stefan Mickisch