Die Fledermaus is one of the most famous operettas by Johann Strauss. It was premiered at the Theater an der Wien in 1874 and is regarded as the high point of the Golden Viennese Operetta Era. In his last year as artistic director of the Mörbisch Lake Festival, Prof. Harald Serafin once again surprises with a brilliant performance of this most famous of all Strauss operettas, "Die Fledermaus" in Mörbisch. Never before have the Seefestspiele had so many stars in one production. Helmuth Lohner is responsible for the direction - for the fifth time already. He only took over the production on condition that he was allowed to play the comic part of the prison guard "Frosch". The tenor Herbert Lippert, who recently returned triumphantly to the Vienna State Opera, sings Gabriel Eisenstein, soprano Alexandra Reinprecht stands by him as his wife Rosalinde. Shooting star Daniela Fally is the Adele and was already very successful in this role at the Vienna State Opera. Zoryana Kushpler is also known from the opera stage and is currently one of the best interpreters of Prince Orlofsky. Daniel Serafin sings the role of the secretly active Dr. Falke, and Harald Serafin himself will leave Mörbisch with the role of prison director Frank.





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