From the Teatro Farnese di Parma: "Falstaff" by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901). Conductor: Andrea Battistoni - Stage director: Stephen Medcalf. With Ambrogio Maestri (Sir John Falstaff), Luca Salsi (Ford), Svetla Vassileva (Alice Ford), Barbara Bargnesi (Nannetta), Daniela Pini (Meg Page), Romina Tomasoni (Mistress Quickly), Antonio Gandia (Fenton), Luca Casalin (Dr Caius), Patrizio Saudelli (Bardolfo), Mattia Denti (Pistola). After an unparalleled succession of tragic operas, Verdi finished his operatic career with a comedy. In his last opera Verdi was aiming not to revive an amusing or ridiculous figure in the tradition of the Italian opera buffa but to portray a human character in all his different facets. In cooperation with the experienced librettist Arrigo Boito he wrote a lyric comedy quite unlike any other.





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