As an opera-goer, you hardly learn anything about how complex the production process of a successful production is. And yet there is a fascination in the preparation process of an opera that easily surpasses that of a performance. Anyone who has had the opportunity to follow the production process of an opera production knows this. The making-of of a film production claims to offer a look behind the scenes, or rather to document the process of creation. One of the best-selling opera DVDs is "La Traviata" with Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazón from Salzburg.

Rolando Villazón and Anna Netrebko are also the focus of the documentary. The "dream couple" is important to the creators, less so the story, although Anna Netrebko refers to it again and again, after all, in "La Traviata" she becomes the victim of bourgeois notions of honor, but this finds little resonance with the creators. What is unusual about this production is how much and how closely the documentary's creators were allowed to be present during rehearsals, often directly on stage or at the edge of the stage addressing the main singers.


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