From the Teatro Regio di Parma: "Stiffelio" by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901). Conductor: Andrea Battistoni - Stage director: Guy Montavon. With Roberto Aronica (Stiffelio), Yu Guanqun (Lina), Roberto Frontali (Stankar), Gabriele Mangione (Raffaele), George Anguladze (Jorg), Cosimo Vassallo (Federico di Frengel), Lorelay Solis (Dorotea). "Stiffelio", premiered in 1850 in Trieste, is about the Protestant pastor Stiffelio who, through the infidelity of his wife Lina, falls in a deep conflict between human thirst for revenge and Christian forgiveness. This opera terminates Verdi's "first creative period"; immediately afterwards he gained permanent fame with "Rigoletto", "Il Trovatore" and "La Traviata". In "Stiffelio" arias and ensembles of best Verdi quality can be discovered.





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